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My name is Heide Smallwood. I am a Durban based photographer. I was born in Kiel, Germany. Already as a child was I exposed to an artistic environment.


For the artist in me, the inspiration never stops growing. It’s not enough to possess talent without also having the passion and the ability to transfer that talent. More and more I am living inside my mind, as I like to express myself in surrealistic images from the mind. I take objects and make them into pictures.


I started photography about 5 years ago. Apart from taking a basic course in photography and post production, I experimented and developed my own style. Joined the Durban camera club and rose very quickly to 5 star. Have attended a JAP course in 2013. My passion for photography is: Altered Reality -Macro- Human Form  and Portraits.


Received my 3 diamond rating 2013 in monochrome. Was voted photographer of the year in 2013 by Durban camera club,

attained  club honours at the same time and best for creative and most salon acceptances for 2013. In 2015 I was awarded my Honours in monochrome from the photographic society of South Africa






Tel: 082 887 5044

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